Friday, May 16, 2014

Stella's Reminder To Continuously Get Her Groove Back

Stella always needs to get her groove back, or at least find a groove.

The times of making plans with others just for them to not show up were horrible times. There was one time not too long ago where I invited a friend to go clubbing and even said I'd pay for her. I knew money was that tight for her and I wanted to have fun without being alone. However, she decided not to go. In fact, she acted like she had forgotten about it the day of.

Although this was recently, it happened often in college. There were times when I just wanted to hang with friends or go out and no one was around. Obviously my time was too invested in others. Then came this Je'Caryous Johnson play. I asked several people about attending and most said they would think about it. In my mind this play was not something to wait for others before deciding to go. Without having a car and no plan to ride the bus there, I bought the ticket. It was really a quick walk to the place the play was held at and someone had offered to pick me up after. So I went nervously but left feeling renewed. The play was excellent, the actors were hilarious, and I did something I had been wanting to do for a while without dragging anyone else along.

Every once in a while I get so wrapped up in the stresses of life that I have to remind myself to get my groove back. In figuring out how to get my groove back, I remind myself that it's not hard. I don't need a bunch of friends around to have fun. I don't need to operate on someone else's time to finally get out the house. I can create memories all on my own. Below are my current ways of creating these memories.

  • Socially Clubbing

This basically means every once in a while I hit up a club alone. Sometimes it can be awkward and sometimes it can create memories you otherwise wouldn't have with a group of friends around. I took a friend to a club I liked to go to alone and she didn't even like it.

  • Dating
Some women like their friends to meet their current man, but living on the wild side is cool too. Plus, I'd rather show my future husband to the world and if he doesn't fall into that category of long term relationship, "Keep it on the down low, nobody has to know." 
  • Dinner & A Movie
Or it could also be either dinner or a movie. I like to eat expensively and eating alone is better than with others. When other people are around they love to stare down your throat as you chew each and every bite of your food. I don't like people watching me eat. On the other hand watching movies alone makes it so much easier to concentrate on the movie. 

  • The Park
On a date the park can be turned into a romantic place, but alone it holds the answers to all of my deepest questions. Okay, maybe there are no answers. But there is lots of walking, a nice breeze, and I can easily listen to a majority of the songs on my iPhone because it's calming.

These aren't particularly done in any order and definitely not all at the same time, but they are ways for me to let go of the stress-filled environments that I spend the majority of the week operating in. What do you do to get your groove back, or even keep a groove? 

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