Thursday, March 5, 2015

Come And Talk To Me (Poem)

Come and talk to me
Cause I’ve been noticing you for a while
Anxiously waiting for the moment to say something
Maybe start an intellectual conversation about success
Or jump straight to how you and me could have a fiery romance
But nothing ever feels quite right
“Hi” seems to be as far as I can go
You don’t know my name
And asking yours might be too much for me to say
Can I talk to you?
I don’t want to scare you away with my forwardness
Sex is always on my mind
And your physical features are the first thing I notice
I want to caress your brown skin
Combine yours with mines
See if we make a perfect fit
Do you feel the same?
Maybe we can start with sex and then work on the rest
No reading each other’s Facebook first
Or stalking each other’s twitter to get to know each other
See I suck at love
And trying to dominate might mess it up too quickly

So will you be the gentleman and make the first move?

Lashuntrice (@mrsstarstatus)