Monday, March 30, 2015

#ProviderNoMore, Should Men Be Okay With Living Off of Women?

Maybe men aren't expected to be the financial providers of the household anymore. 

Not too long ago the rumor mills were spinning with the messiness between actress Tasha Smith and her ex husband Keith Douglas. Now that the dust has settled on their dysfunctional relationship and Keith has already received $50,000 in their divorce settlement, a judge has awarded him more. Since Tasha Smith makes way more money, she has to pay $7,000 a month in spousal support. 

This means that Keith is living off of her. He will not have to provide for a new household because his ex-wife has to legally take care of it all. He won't be seen as a provider because many people that are actually providing make less than what he will be receiving each month. 

I know quite a few men who wouldn't mind living this lifestyle. They would live off of their parents, wife, ex-wife, or girlfriends without ever wondering what others expect of them. They prefer women pay for dates and they have issues with women not wanting to be more dominant in relationships. Is this type of thinking okay? 

As a woman who is single and trying my best to provide for myself, this question comes in mind often. I've had many men express interest, but they never made the motion to plan a date. I've had men interested in me, but complained about the idea of paying for a date. There were a few times, two to be exact, that I paid for men when we went out. I didn't feel bad those times, but should I be planning to be the provider for a significant other one day? 

The Disney movies always portray the woman as giving emotional support. If the woman being the financial provider is the direction the future is going in, then maybe art needs to start reflecting the reality. 

Photo via Twitter.