Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#LHHNY That Moment When Diamond Smashed The Homie...

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A lot happened on this week's Love & Hip Hop New York, but none of it was as bad as watching Diamond Strawberry seduce Rich Dollaz. 

During the course of this season Diamond was in a (pretend) relationship with Cisco. For some reason she thought Cisco was madly in love with her and moved to New York City to be with him. He didn't even know about her daughter, which she had left with her family back in California. Cisco had his own issues, so it was hard to see how crazy Diamond was in the beginning. However, after completely cutting him off, getting her mother to finish what she started, and moving on to a new man, she decided she wanted Cisco again. 

Cisco saw Diamond for the crazy woman she was, but she wasn't giving up that easily. She wrote him a (four page) letter before deciding she would seduce Rich Dollaz in order to make him jealous. Cisco didn't want Rich smashing, but Rich is man that has trouble controlling where his penis goes. Somehow Diamond went from wanting to use Rich to wanting to be in an actual relationship with Rich. Knowing that she wasn't making sense, he sexed her in a public restroom at some restaurant. Do men bring condoms to the restaurant in hopes of having sex there with the woman they are on a date with? Rich thought it was just sex, but Diamond started calling him her man. Damn her psychotic mind moves fast. 
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Now my problem is this show is going too far. Sometimes we fight, drink too much, curse too much, and fall in and out of relationships too much. BUT we should never be seen smashing the homies. 

One more thing: Shout-out to the people writing the scripts for this show. There is no way it is still real life.