Monday, March 16, 2015

#Empire Terrance Howard Talks The N Word and Empire

Terrance Howard says it's okay for white people to say the "N" word. 

You know that word nigga that we forever have a love/hate relationship with? We hate it because of the negative history behind it, but we love it because we've worked so hard to turn the word into something positive. Terrance Howard says he's cool with using the word around his white friends and vice versa.

However, the interview was about the growing love for the show Empire and how Terrance and Taraji  P. Henson play their roles so perfectly. Empire is also one of those shows that people have a love/hate relationship with. Empire is arguably the best new show on television and it can only get better from here. It has a father who rules the entertainment industry, but he's also so strict on his children they don't even believe he loves them. There's the mother, who spent 17 years in prison because she did what she felt was best to take care of her family. Now that she's free she is coming in where she left off. Then there are the kids who are climbing the walls of success, dealing with their own pain, and trying to compete with each other for their father's empire once he's gone. It is deep.