Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is There A Right Way For A Man To Approach A Woman?

How should a man approach a woman?

This is a topic that has many different answers and most of us women can name a million ways men should not come up to us. We hate the men that approach us in the club and continue to follow us around all night. We dislike the dude that sweet talks us into giving him our number and then once he has it he only talks about when we're going to have sex. We also get annoyed by the guy that flat out approaches us letting us know that sex is on his mind and he thinks it's on our minds too. Often times we don't want to be approached when we're in a hurry or when we look a mess, but those are the times men choose to talk to us most.

So is there a right way to approach a woman to you? I've broken it down to three ways men usually choose to come at us.

1. The Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love To You" Approach
These are the extremely nice and shy guys. They were either raised to treat women really well or they've been studying the book of romance very hard. If you give this type of guy an opportunity he'll do everything right, but depending on your mindset his genuine attitude to treat you right may be overwhelming. Then again this guy may also wait for you to approach because he's so shy and if you're not that type of woman you'll never meet him. I hate approaching shy guys.

2. The Plies "Miss Pretty P" Approach
These types of guys are very nice initially, but their eyesight is all over your body. You know what he wants from the beginning because of how he's looking at you, but you might give him a chance anyway. I'm all about taking chances and seeing the route this type of guy goes down. 

3. The Chris Brown and Fabolous "She Wildin'" Approach
This type of guy has absolutely no shame. From the moment he walks up to you, he's acting as if you're a prostitute. Sex is on his mind, so he's going to assume it's on yours too. He makes you feel as if you should be getting paid just from him standing in front of you no matter where you are. Even if you're on the internet he'll make you feel as if you should be getting paid for his naughty Facebook approach. 

A guy asked a couple of questions on Facebook trying to see what a lot of women are thinking on this topic. He actual revolved around whether a woman gets annoyed when she is approached by a man. He also wanted to know if we as women could tell if men are being sincere when they approach us or if we can tell they are only approaching us because sex is on their minds. I'm not going to lie. I live a little recklessly with giving men chances now even if I get a certain vibe from him. A girl is tying to get wifed up eventually.