Monday, March 2, 2015

#SelfLove Men Want To Be Sexualized Too

The sexualization of women has some competition and it doesn't involve men dishing out more advice of what we should be wearing. It also doesn't involve men dressing up like us women for attention. What one particular man is doing is way better than any of those disgusting porn videos they like to tune into. 

As 2015 came in a man by the name of Kevin Harris, more popularly known as Mailman DaStamplicka, started making videos showing his love of a certain body part on women. However, it didn't involve eating a woman out. The videos have instead featured him using fruit and other foods to demonstrate. The thing about these videos is he has a nice tongue that pulls you into watching even more.

Someone must have told this dude that licking on fruit wasn't enough, so he took it a bit further. Instead of showing his love for women in his last video, he showed how much he loves himself. In the video he pours honey, baby oil, and something else all over himself. In the midst of it, he's licking himself. He also makes motions as if he's turning himself on even more. This guy is weird, but entertaining. Watch below.