Saturday, March 7, 2015

Women's History Month, Follow The @MrsStarStatus Celebration

It's the month to celebrate the women all around you. It all started with International Women's Day, which is March 8th. It went from being one day to a week long holiday, focused around March 8th, and as the importance of women became more recognizable the celebration became a month long. March of every year is officially Women's History Month

This year as time permits a few women will be recognized on the @mrsstarstatus Instagram page each week. As the week ends all of the women will be hi-lighted in a blog post here. For the first week the chosen women were Singer Betty Wright, actress Olga James, and Author V.C. (Virginia) Andrews.

Betty Wright 
Betty Wright was picked because before there was Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, and Mary J. Blige, and even Janet Jackson there was her. Through music Betty Wright revealed to us how she lost her virginity, informed us of the roles of side chicks before side chicks became cool, taught us how to hold onto our men, and even taught us that we're all the clean-up woman. Any time I want to get in my emotions and really learn a lesson on love her music is what I go to. 

Olga James 
Olga James was picked because she is one of the underrated representations of what Black History is.  She was a very passionate singer and also an actress. While everyone knows all about the beauty of Dorothy Dandridge, Olga James was her co-star in the movie Carmen Jones. Olga's character Cindy Lou got her man taken away by Carmen, who was played by Dorothy. Carmen Jones currently sits in the National Film Registry because it is viewed as culturally and historically significant. While she is a part of Black history, her history seems to stop at the death of her husband Cannonball Adderley in 1975. Unfortunately this happens when a person's history is not preserved. What happened to this beautiful actress? 

V.C. Andrews
Author Virginia Andrews was born in 1923 and died of breast cancer in 1986. According to her biography at a young age she suffered from arthritis and a spinal injury problem which would be with her for the rest of her life. Her writing career began in 1972 as she wrote under a pen name, but her first official book Flowers In The Attic was published in 1979 and stayed at the top of the best sellers list for a couple of weeks. After this V.C. Andrews published severals books until her death in 1986. However, if you're a fan you've probably noticed how the books under her never are still being published today. Her ghostwriter since 1987 has been Author Andrew Neiderman. To have a man ghostwriting for a woman who created her own legacy with her intriguing novels is definitely a representation of the power of a woman. 

Until next time, celebrate the history of women.