Monday, March 9, 2015

#SecretsAndLies Who Killed Tom?

Almost as soon as Resurrection ended its second season, ABC already had a new show to slide in its place on Sunday nights. The show is called Secrets and Lies.

Secrets and Lies starts off with a murder. A child is murdered and the jogger, Ben, that finds the body becomes the primary suspect in the case. In the very first episode Ben goes from being seen as a possible suspect to finding out the dead child was his son. He cheated on his wife years before and the other woman never informed him that the child another man had been raising was really his. In order to prove his innocence, he involves himself deep into the case. He takes a lie detector test, but the results are inconclusive. The only way to clear himself is to find a new suspect. After all, the detective in charge of the case only sees Ben as the killer.

Ben tries to verify his innocence by blaming the man who was being a father to little tom. That is Scott, but by the second episode Scott turns out to be innocent. Scott was cheating on his wife with her sister, which makes for more drama. However, since Scott isn't the killer Ben is still the only suspect in the case.

Ben also finds out that the flashlight he owns might have been the same flashlight that was used to kill little Tom. The mystery is getting good, but the show is moving slowly.

Now, my problem is the show is moving way too slow. With every episode, more questions are being raised and nothing is getting answered. There are only a few real questions I want answered anyway. Who killed Tom? Did Ben do it and not remember? Was the killing an accident or very intentional? If this show is only about finding out if one man killed a dead child, then it might not make it to another season.  There are 10 episodes in this season of Secrets and Lies. Will we know who the killer is by the end? This means I have to keep watching to see.