Friday, March 13, 2015

#MaryMary Erica & Tina Have Gone Through The Most Struggles In Two Episodes

Are you watching WE TV's hit show Mary Mary? Here's what the ladies have been going through.

Both Erica and Tina Had To Deal With Seeing Mitchell Solarek Again. Although Mitchell has looked terrible as a manager if you go by reality television, he did revamp the career of Mary Mary. It had been a while since these two beautiful gospel singers' names were uttered in households around the nation, but getting their own show put them back across the map. For the current season they pulled 1.3 million viewers on the first episode. Upon finding out that Tina crashed and shot up cars when she was in a dark place with her marriage, the ratings are probably much higher for this second episode.

Tina Wasn't Totally Out of The Dark. There's a scene where her husband's car is getting towed. She tore the car all the way up for fear he would have another woman in it. That scene from Waiting To Exhale where the car is set on fire can be replaced with a picture of her.

Erica Became Her Own Manager. Erica finally  joined the club of artists promoting their own work without managers. Usually it's the unknown and fairly new artists without real management behind them. However, Erica and her husband Warren decided to take a risk and handle it all by themselves. However, when Erica panics she really panics and sometimes there is no one to immediately comfort her.

Tina Decides To Write A Book and Make Her Own Solo Album To Go Along With The Book. No one controls Tina except herself. The only problem is when you're signed to Sony Music Entertainment, you can't just decide to go independent without a battle. Erica went independent, but her music was through the label. Tina didn't want to work with the label and upon hearing that she was ready to sing again, they wanted a new Mary Mary album. The music entertainment is a beast, but that's why you have to love it.

Tina Is Renewing Vows And Meeting New Family Members. Who knew that Tina had never met her father-in-law? Tina also throws a party for her child. She's as stressed as her sister Erica is.