Monday, May 20, 2013

Letting Go (Poem)

The new poem came in the midst of listening to TI's song Memories Back Then. I wanted to take a specific situation from my past and write about it. My thinking didn't have to go too far back. This year (surprisingly) has been adventurous in the man department. The hard part was narrowing it down to a specific guy. There's always that one that sticks out more than others. 

Now before you read and if you are him,  remember I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit. Okay,  Enjoy!

Letting Go

“I’m not gonna chase you”
That’s what you say
But it’s been years since we spoke
And this year you come out of nowhere
Making it feel like we’re friends again
Do you love me?
 I need to know
After so much time you remember me again
Bringing up college memories
Do you care some of the time?
 Because I can only have some of you
Is that all you’re willing to give?
Even though my heart desires more
Why think long term
When this moment just feels right
My heart yearns for love
Although you were just passing through
Heading to chase your dreams
Using my home for convenience along the way
In a moment of time
I think it was 1:55
We should have been sleep
But our bodies were craving heat
We’d been playing around
Spending too much time alone
Rushing up on lost memories
Filling in on missed times
And you stayed a day longer
An extra night meant to change my life
You pushed things passed the limit
No longer just friends
You changed that with a kiss
And then made sure my body felt just right
Then after some time reminded me of that night
And promised possibilities of more
But you’re not my boyfriend
No boo, no bae, no giving up the single life
It’s too soon for titles
And we’re not focused enough for faithfulness
So why am I holding on?
“I’m not gonna chase you”
Those are your words
So help me out
I need to let go

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