Monday, May 20, 2013

Miguel And Drake Memes Take Over Instagram

Sunday night the 2013 Billboard Awards came on. Lots of artists graced the stage, but no one gave more to talk about than Miguel when her performed Adorn.

Part of his performance was to jump in the air, but upon landing Miguel kicked an audience member in the head. It was later reported that Miguel gave a huge apology to the girl whose head had to be abused, but by then the memes were already flooding instagram. The thing about the memes is they started with Miguel, then Drake became a victim, and soon no celebrity was off limits in the jokes. Below are the memes I made sure to get pictures of, one really funny tweet that graced my twitter line, and the instagram picture that took it too far.
Drame Meme. This made me check my iPhone application. 

Maury will never get old. Last night he became of victim of a Drake meme. 

Miguel Meme, whoever did this was real creative.

K. Michelle Gets Caught Up In Miguel Meme
The K. Michelle meme is where all someone went wrong with the Miguel jokes. It's still funny though. Plus, yes my phone battery was low, but I charged it up. 

In approximately a month my trip to NYC will happen for the Blogging While Brown conference. I'm going to do my best to keep this blog as active as possible. 

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