Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preachers Daughters~ When The Cat's Away Episode

"A man's heart devises his way: But the lord directs his steps."

Olivia Perry
In this episode Pastor Mark Perry realizes it's time for Olivia to start mentoring. He's such a calm, powerful man. Although she's the child that's gotten into the most trouble on the show, he really believes in letting her decide her own decisions. Pator Perry's only concern is making sure the company she keeps is walking down a Godly path. There's nothing wrong with that.

Olivia does some mentoring at her church's youth group. During the process she is told some powerful struggling stories. Basically she came up with a plan where everyone wrote their sins and struggles down. One girl there tells her that she got raped at a party two years ago. The girl is struggling with that still. It is more than Olivia can handle.

Later in the episode Olivia discusses everything with her dad. He understands that although she has gone through some things, she is still learning. He doesn't put any pressure on her. I'm still amazed by Pastor Mark Perry.

Taylor Coleman
Taylor is thinking about the right college to go to. In making the decision her parents drive her crazy with more thoughts on walking down a Godly path. Somewhere along the conversation Taylor and her dad Pastor Ken Coleman get into an argument about her career choices. She wants to one day become an actress. She also wants to go to school in Chicago. He's okay with Chicago, but he wants her at a Christian college. Time out:

Will parents ever stop trying to tear down their children's goals before the child even has chance to try? This is not a preacher's child thing. This is most parents. They believe in directing every step of their child's way, but what happens when that child becomes an adult? Has children of their own? A child can't be guided through every situation. At a job it's one person making an impression. That parent can't do anything because he/she is not there. Hopefully when I become a parent I don't step in the way of my child become their own person.

There is a huge pattern in every episode with Taylor. When she is around friends, she is very calm and free. Notice how in this episode she is at the restaurant dancing with the singer. She is happy. However, when in the presence of her parents she is always super stressed. Towards the end of the show her father's persistence that she go to the school of his choice leaves stress written all over her face. In the process Pastor Coleman stresses himself out. In former episodes, his health issues were mentioned, but he continues to stress about issues that aren't even there. Innocent pictures that he thought were provocative; rumors about Taylor coming from a local church gossiper; Taylor not wanting to go to Christian college; He has to concentrate on himself a little more.

Kolby Koloff
Kolby and her father start off the episode exercising together. In the midst of everything Pastor Nikita Koloff mentions meeting her boyfriend. They end up going to a restaurant. The boyfriend says all the right things. He even pays for the meal. I want to know if he has an older brother. He is also a pastor's son. Pastor Koloff thinks he's scary. He wasn't that bad. However, both he and her mom are still worried about this boy's motives. They worry about the wrong people.

This show's message had to be communication. There was a lot of communicating. The listening part is still up in the air though.

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