Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Married To Medicine: When Friendships Never Existed?

Over the last couple days the Married To Medicine reunion specials, part one and two, aired.

This was the first season and probably the last. One of the women, Mariah Huq, brought all the women together to become friends. However, by the end of episode one their relationships were falling apart. The messiness initially started with Toya Bush-Harris, but by the reunion show Mariah seemed to be the one that could not stand to do another episode with any of the other women.

It started with Toya revealing a secret about Mariah's family. A couple episodes later it was revealed everyone already knew about this secret. However, the arguing continued and more ladies were dragged into the wrath. In the ending Mariah turned into America's favorite Atlanta Housewife, NeNe, and suggested there shouldn't be six of them for another season. For her to have known all these women for years and built friendships with them, that's a big statement to make.

"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to tell the truth."- Kari Wells

Wait, that title is "friendships that never existed." I picked that title because I'm questioning how true these women are to each other. They fell apart really quickly. They haven't even recovered from the anger. Kari said she was never there to make friends, but they were supposed to be coming together as friends.

At times I've wondered if people who have said "we're friends" are really my friends. I have trust issues. I'm super passionate. If you say jump and I have the time to jump, jumping for you is what I will accomplish. However, if you hurt me I'll pretend to forget you ever existed. It won't be pretending to you, because if you're a true friend you'll realize when my phone calls stop and the Facebook and twitter messages disappear. So at times I wonder if some of the people who call m their friend really mean it. It becomes apparent after months or even years of me not even being an after thought to them.

At 26, I've figured out who my real friends are. I'm getting better at who to give my energy to. I've also learned that networking involves getting more than business contacts. It's about creating relationships where others feel comfortable enough to come back to you. I'm also trying to make sure my foundation is strong enough for others to trust me.

Wait, reality television does have lessons in it. Is your foundation strong enough to keep make and keep friends?

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