Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Dream Giver, Read With Me

Let's Read The Dream Giver Together
A few days ago my best friend had the best idea ever. That's to read this book called The Dream Giver and discuss it. She's going try to to get her copy soon. I bought mines today. That's how excited I am. Well...

Actually my excitement didn't just stem from her idea of reading the book together and discussing it. It also came from reading an excerpt online. The excerpt was about 40 pages with some pages missing in between. It started from the first page where a story is told about a man named Ordinary living in a town called Familiar. Ordinary is surrounded by a bunch of Nobody's content on going nowhere in life. He's content until one day he's given a dream. Along with that dream he is given a feather. He struggles with the idea of leaving until one day talking to his father. His father confesses that he once had a dream, but waited to long and that feather turned into dust. His father says go for it, but there are obstacles he has to overcome; the idea of leaving bills behind, the naysayers, breaking his comfort zone, traveling into the land of Unknown, and becoming Somebody.

The few pages spoke loud and clear to me. Does what I'm saying speak to you? If so, buy the book and read with me. More than two people should be discussing this. This is important. I'm guessing with the constant scare of economic issues since President Obama got into office, the threats Sallie Mae continue to make every month, and normal bills combined people just aren't chasing their heart's desires anymore.

So let's discuss. I'm going to start reading right now. Buy your book as soon as you can. Oh, and let me know what type of dream you have. When we talk about our dreams, we're more inspired to go after them.

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