Monday, May 13, 2013

The Kandi Factory Shut It Down Music Video

Recently Kandi Buruss (of Real Housewives of Atlanta) started her own spinoff show The Kandi Factory. This factory features unknown people who want to have a singing career. Some of the people have singing talent and others are just dreamers. Either way they all have a chance at starting their singing career.
Nesi, Kandi Factory Winner

It all starts with a song that Kandi writes specifically for that person. For instance on last night's episode there was a woman with an identity crisis and a man in love. The woman, better known as Nesi, had a song about partying call Shut It Down. The man had a song about being in love. He couldn't actually sing, but his whole concept of being in love made him shine still. Nesi won of course.

Due to the low level of talent, this show is no American Idol. However, making these people dreams come true is amazing. Kandi gets major love for that. Shut It Down is my favorite song from this whole season. It's above.

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