Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Til The Next Time We Meet (Poem)

I Photographed A Cloud
No matter where we've met
Not the airport
Not crossing paths on the street
Nor sitting next to each other at work
We tried becoming friends
Hanging out on our days off
You were exposed to a different side of me
The loose, no filter Lashuntrice
But soon it all came to an end
We were sucked back into our own lives
And haven't communicated since
Or maybe it was in a classroom
The first day we were both nervous
Turned to our sides and saw each other
We exchanged names 
Kept our promises to keep in touch
Or you could've been my instructor
You guided me
Put in a lot of hard work
Gave so much knowledge
Helped start me on the road to success
And I have yet to pay you back
Even if you were that boss
Gave me my very first pay check
How long did I work for you?
It was a tough start
But one day I moved on
And I didn't keep in touch
But I still remember you
Or maybe it was like meeting my best friend
It was summer 2005 during TOPS
I decided to push my shyness to the side
Meet as many people as possible
Then we'd see each other again
Hang with some of the same people
Create a never-ending bond
There are no good-byes
Only til next time we meet

You may be wondering where this poem is coming from. Yesterday news broke that a person who had a deep influence in my life, goals, and definitely degree passed away. I don't like saying good-bye though. It's sounds so final. So I'll say Rest In Peace James Hawkins. One day we'll meet again. 

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