Saturday, October 4, 2014

#Blogtober14 Favorite Instagram Photo

I'm a lover of photos. Whether they are my photos, someone else's photos, or photos with only words on them I will find a way to fit them into my Instagram world. Photography is a reflection of who we are, which is what made today's choice hard.
Just a peek
The above photo is not exactly my favorite photo from Instagram, but it is very special still. It had been a long week. I was dealing with the stress of not holding up to the expectations of my parents, working a job that left me more drained than ever, and craving that fun young adulthood that was once promised to me.

At the time a former co-worker knew of a club we could get in for free. She was also meeting others there, so I agreed. In the midst of getting ready for the club we went to a hair store she knew of that had excellent wigs. I wanted something other than my short Afro. Then we went back to my place to prepare.

After putting on the wig, a cute black dress, and some special occasion heels I was feeling myself a whole lot. I was feeling myself so much that I snapped a photo to show the internet. It couldn't be a regular full length photo though. It had to stand out, so the just-a-peek photo was born.

While going out was fun, taking the photo made it that much cooler.

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  1. You look amazing - love the "just a peek" concept!