Friday, October 3, 2014

#Blogtober14 One Thing You Can't Live Without

Currently the necessities in my life consist of money, food, date nights with myself, a place of my own to lay my head down, a car to navigate this crazy big city, once-in-a while conversations with friends, a penis every now and then, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Yes, social media is a necessity at this point in life. However, since today's topic involves one thing I can't live without I'll choose...


While money is the root of all evil, it also provides the comfort and shelter we all need. Everything has a price. Even bottled water costs at least $1 at gas stations. Before I had money I could only dream of going places without getting approval from my family. The minute I had worked hard enough and saved up, I took my first trip out of town by myself. There were other trips by myself, but they were all paid for and approved by others, so having money to do it myself was a big deal.

Money has afforded me the apartment I live in now and keeps food in my refrigerator. Money is what helps keep my closet full of clothes and new makeup to go along with those outfits.

This is no joke. Every time my bills get paid and my account is super low, I hyperventilate. I have panic attacks thinking of whether I'll be able to make it to the next paycheck or whether some unsuspecting emergency expense will pop up. I get scared.

So now you know my issue. I can't live without money. Could you?

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