Sunday, October 19, 2014

So We Meet Again (A Food Story) #Blogtober14

If you're under the age of 23, haven't experienced the 40 hour work week yet, and can still spend as much time around the house as you want while enjoying it this next description is for you.

There is one huge fact no one ever tells you about the 40 (well some people work more) hour work week. Your home will become the place you utilize only to watch television and go to sleep. You'll be too tired to cook, sometimes clean, or even think in this place that is supposed to bring you comfort. In fact you'll get so wrapped up in the frustrations around the job that when you do feel the need to enjoy life, your house is not where you will want to experience that enjoyment.

I know this because it is my life. I eat, speak, and breathe the struggle of trying to find the balance between the work life and actually enjoying myself. Because of this, I've tried all the best seafood restaurants near me. Seafood, with the exception of sushi (never had it), is my favorite of all food. Even more I've become so accustomed to enjoying the luxurious food that I'm usually going solo. I've also hit up clubs, bars, malls, and many more places solo just for the experiences. It's a nice life when the money is there, which is also my latest problem.

As bills seem to increase, my money seems to be tighter. Recently I went to my favorite seafood restaurant and the cashier commented on how I don't come around as much. See, even the employees at these places are noticing. How do you solve a money problem when the hours at work stay the same and the money on the paychecks don't increase with the bills? You can only make a change in spending habits and that is what I'm now trying to do.

I started my journey to making better spending habits today by actually grocery shopping. I bought eggs, bacon, sausage, hotdogs, sandwich meat, and bread to start off. I also went grocery shopping in a cousin's freezer. Her freezer offered Tilapia, so there is now even more. This is just a start to cooking, but it is also the confession that I should have made yesterday. I only know how to cook the basics to survival.

I'm also including the Blogtober Day 19 post in this. It's all about what makes you happy. Well, freedom makes me happy. Feeling free to do whatever I want and whenever. The initial introduction of the adult life takes a lot of freedom we thought we had away, but I'm getting back to my happy place eventually. These bills won't hold me back.
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  1. I know that's right, freedom is everything. Good Luck with the cooking!