Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Blogtober14 Letter To Myself 10 Years From Now

Dear almost 38 year old self,
It's October 10 years from now. You've learned all there is to know about the television and movie industry by now. You live in Las Angeles and are now surrounded by the best of the best talent out there. No matter what part of the entertainment industry you've managed to get yourself into, it's everything you've dreamed of. From here life can only get better. 

However, things could possibly be another way. It could be October 2024, you're in a house full of kids, a husband that gets on your nerves, and have lost your drive for writing. Actually you've lost site of who you are because there are a million distractions. You're still catering horribly to whatever your parents want, you can barely please the man in front of you, and your children drive you crazy. You have a nine to five and only live to see Fridays come around until you realize you're stuck with children the whole weekend. The children really are a wonderful gift from God, but you always feel like something is missing. What is it? 

If the second one has turned into you then pack your bags up and run. It's 2024, so single fathers are now a normal part of society. You can always come back to visit the kids, but go find yourself. Go after your passion. Don't wait another minute. Remember why you've been put on this earth. Leave the suburbs or small country town and get back to the big city with so many promises. Make yourself happy. 

Your Concerned 28-Year-Old Self

P.S. Don't really abandon the kids if you become a mother before fully going after your dream. Take the kids with you.

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