Monday, October 27, 2014

His Only Woman (Short Story)

As she watched him sleep, she admired his handsomeness. He was naked, so nothing was left to her imagination. She didn't have to dig deep in her memory to picture him. All of him was there, relaxed, in her bed.

Cover had originally been on him, but as he became comfortable he removed it. His perfect six foot frame enticed her to wake him up. She had a pretty boy, but she loved it. The sight of his smooth brown skin made her remember why she loved being wrapped up in his arms. She wanted to use the moment to lay up under him, but there was more important work to do, like remind herself that he was totally hers.

He was her man. He was her man. He was her man. She repeated the thought in her head several times. There was no other woman for him. He was as faithful to their relationship as her. She was positive, but at the same time she had to make sure.

His phone sat on the nightstand near the bed charging up. She already knew that they weren't just communicating with each other on a daily basis. They talked to family members, co-workers, long-time friends. She knew all his friends. Everyone he communicated with was someone she had made sure to meet. Her presence had to be known, which also meant if he had any knew friends she had to meet them to. She grabbed his phone and started searching.

They trusted each other. While he had the password to her phone, she also had his. She typed in the password and started going through everything. There was no activity on his Facebook. He didn't have a twitter. His Instagram had no new notifications. She was about to put it back down when she decided to look through his texts. There were only a few exchanges between him and close friends about sports. Then she checked his contacts.

50 numbers in his phone. The last time she'd looked there were 49. Who was this 50th person? She stared at him. He was her man and her man only. She decided in her mind that she would call the number to make sure the other person knew that she was his woman and his only woman.

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