Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Opposite Of A Gentleman

With the age of 28 only weeks away, I'm learning something new. The men aren't becoming quicker to buy flowers, or treat me to nice dates, or see me as the woman any of them would want to spend the rest of their lives with. Is that even how it is supposed to work when you're still single and only getting older? I'm not seeing gentleman like behavior at all.

However, they still never cease to amaze. There are the jackasses. They are so stuck on proving their bad ass-ness that you can only grab a pen, paper, and take notes. That is if a computer or phone isn't nearby. They teach you how much patience they can have with wanting sex from you, but then they make sure to also explain to you that it's only about sex. Different ones show different types of signs. They talk real crazy right from the start. There was one experience where I ended it because my feelings were hurt by his words. Oh Well! Some will sex you for months while some will finally get that opportunity and go ghost right after. Cruel, right?

Then there are the compromisers. I've found out that some men are so desperate for nudes they'll finally send a dick picture in exchange. They'll send more than that actually. That particular body part makes a man do strange things for some change a chance to see your body. Then again some men will just send a picture because they are horny. I've gotten that without ever sending a picture of myself back. Cruel, right?

There are the ones that don't see you. You're getting older, still single, things aren't as perky anymore, your body's starting to change on you, and men seem to be everywhere. However, they are good at not noticing you at all. There was a really cute guy that used to work at my job. He's gone now, but when he was there I finally got up the nerve to speak. He would speak back, but in every conversation he would make sure to bring up his girlfriend. Huh? What? She has nothing to do with me just saying hi. They also ignore you based on skin color, height, whether you are shy or talk too much, and even if they think you are a THOT.

Unfortunately there are also the ones that are waiting for you. If one more guy tells me he's waiting on me to pick a date, tell him when I'm available, be the step mother to his child etc. etc. etc. and he was the one that showed interest I'll scream. Okay, I've already screamed in frustration. There are the online men that want you to travel to them (like I'm that crazy), and the men that live 15 minute away but are waiting for you to drive to them. Then there are the men just waiting for you to start that very addicted type of sexual relationship that will go on and on just based on the fire you two make in different positions. That last example also falls under the category of the jackasses too, but you get it.
Now it's 3 am and there's no man to wake up, so you already know what's about to happen. Bed Time Soon.

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