Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Planning Romance In The Summer

Hello single ladies. This is the summer to plan out romance. What type of significant other do you want? How do you want him to sweep you off your feet? What little romantic gestures will they have to do to make your day? Will you settle for a man that you see every once in a while or does he need to make an effort to show you that he cares about you?

Typically most single women (and men too) start searching out their next significant other around August or September when they realize cuffing season is coming up. During the winter months they want to have a warm body to lay next to. Also, we women want to make sure we have a man buying us Valentines gifts. Valentines Day is a lonely day when a woman is by herself.

However, it's 2015. Valentines Day was four months ago. Should we really be waiting another couple months to take the comfort of a relationship seriously? I'm not. I'm thinking of romance in the summer, kinda. A friend gave me the idea of really concentrating on what type of man I want. I know what I don't want. I know what I've been settling for. However, I have to concentrate on what type of man I really like. The old saying is to speak what you want into existence, so that is the goal.

There is one huge thing I've always wanted in a relationship. That is lots and lots of dating. This is also why a long-distance relationship has never been an option. I can't date if we're purposely thousands of miles apart.

You might be wondering where all this came from. Music inspired it. Men that are constantly sexualizing me, but not paying attention when I say I want more inspired this. Happy couples inspired this. But mainly music inspired it. I've been listening to Tamia's Love Life album. It would be amazing to experience what she sings about for myself.