Monday, June 8, 2015

When Being A Romantic Opportunist Becomes Tough

Holding onto a romantic fantasy becomes tough as we get older.

I've been listening to Tamia's new songs from her album Love Life. Sandwich and A Soda was the first single released and it's all about a woman wanting to make her man feel comfortable no matter what. She even suggests in some lyrics that she'll be his chauffeur if he happens to choose another woman. "And if you gonna drive with her baby I'm a be your chauffeur."  

There's another song, Day One, that is about a relationship lasting. This is the perfect romantic song for a wedding or just a we're meant to be together type of song. It is super romantic and if I was in love I'd probably crying while listening to it. The goal is to one day be able to shed those happy tears. I'm a romantic opportunist, which I jumped on the opportunity to preorder the album.  However, there is one problem. 

The older I get the less romantic men are trying to appear. Going on dates become harder. Getting phone calls from them that don't have sex attached to the calls get slimmer. There seems to be more men who are just looking to have sex and disappear.

Actually the most romantic line I've heard lately was, "When I saw you on that corner my dick got hard." No, I wasn't prostituting myself. However, hearing stuff like that from men dims my light a little more. It makes me question whether there is a man that will sweep me off my feet or at least hold my hand when we go on the special dates. 

We all know that the romantic endings to Disney movies don't exist. There is no happily ever after. However, it's been proven that love exist and can withstand the test of time. I just don't know how much longer I can go on believing that there is a man out there who loves me.

Maybe I should settle for the sexual conversations and never knowing when I'll see the guy again after a good night.