Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ray J & Lil Wayne Are Loving That "Brown Sugar"

I love you like Brown Sugar? We've screamed and yelled for male rappers and singers to pay attention to us brown skinned women so much that maybe, just maybe, they are starting to get the message.

Lil Wayne has been one of the many rappers to give more praise to the light skinned women and women of other ethnicities. For instance in his song Right About It, Wayne says, "Beautiful Black woman, I bet that Bitch look better red." That song was released five years ago so maybe he has changed his mind. It definitely sounds like it on his feature in Ray J's new song Brown Sugar.

Ray J sings all about how he loves his woman like brown sugar. The artwork for the song also shows a brown skinned woman posed seductively with a ring next to her. Wayne joins him to bring the point on home. Of course several drugs are referenced and the addictiveness of the brown sugar is also mentioned repeatedly. Listen below.