Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Three Days Into The Week, Can You Say Entertained?

It's only Wednesday and this has been the most entertaining week in 2015. To start it off Bruce Jenner  wowed us all. 

We were preparing for Bruce Jenner to put on a wig and officially call himself by a woman's name for Vanity Fair magazine, but when it actually happened we weren't prepared at all. Who could really mentally prepare for Caitlyn Jenner? He put on that wig, tons of makeup, women's clothes, and actually looked like an okay White woman. 

If that wasn't disturbing interesting enough, there were plenty of people around the web, in households, and in workplaces trying to rationalize it. Some lady on Facebook posted about trying to explain to her young son that it is was okay to transform from a man to a woman. Plenty of folks made hilarious jokes about Bruce's actions, but then there were the people who didn't want to find any kind of humor in it. However, the biggest problem came in the conversations about dating. Combining transgenders and the topic of dating creates a whole new argument that we probably won't be brave enough to talk about out loud for another 20 or so years. 

Well, this wasn't all that happened this week and not all that happened on a Monday either. The following are more sightings that might leave you either in tears of laughter, scared because it might be you, or shutting off the world for the rest of the week. 

  • The people of Missouri City, Tx (better known as Mo. City) showed how ruthless they could be on Facebook. It all started with a before-bedtime post on a man's wall featuring screen shots of several women he'd been flirting with in his inbox. Later on it was announced that he was hacked by his baby mama, but before anyone knew that all we could do was be shocked and laugh at the same time. None of the photos had blurred out names, which led to several messages sent to those women telling them about themselves. Since memes are the new form of expressing ourselves, several of them were created. The guy ended up deleting his Facebook page after the post hit almost 400 comments. I read as many as I could and commented myself. This is the short version of it. It was one of those things that was hilarious, but at the same time would make you glad you were not one of those names featured. 

  • Someone's baby has been photoshopped to the extreme over the past couple of days. This baby, which looks like she was born with an old looking face soul, has been passed around the web more than North and Blue. Where are North and Blue? There are tons of memes of this new famous child. There are Waiting To Exhales memes, Barbara and Shirley memes (you know the song Woman To Woman), church memes, and many more. 

  • Kim Kardashian West is having her second child, but Bruce Jenner dressing up as a woman overshadowed that. Just in case you missed the news, we'll have a new baby for the paparazzi to stalk soon. 

The biggest news of the week is that its Black Music Month. For this wonderful month Mariah Carey has put herself back in the dating game to promote new music. Read more here