Sunday, June 14, 2015

#RomanceInTheSummer Where Is Our Picnic In The Park?

In the 90 degree Houston heat, there is this perfect spot near a highway to take a significant other on a date.

Across from the highway is a building with employees from several different jobs. During their lunch breaks they have a huge tree with tables under it in order to eat lunch. They can relax on their regular breaks too, unless they get annoyed by the sounds of tons of cars driving by. However, if they don't enjoy that big relaxing tree on the side of the building across from the busy highway, couples can go to that spot on perfect dates too. It's the alternative to a picnic in the park.

If you think I'm revealing this relaxing spot, then you're mistaken. I'm coming up with alternatives to regular dating spots. Maybe that is why I haven't been on a real date in a while. Men are tired of the normal stuff. I'm getting creative. Below are a list of ideas I've come up with and just maybe some guy would agree. 

  • Go on a picnic date to a job where neither of us work at, sit outside with food, eat, talk, and enjoy the scenery. 

  • Entrap him with food and a good movie at the house. I've had trouble getting dates, but men have begged me to come over to my place. I don't always give in. However, I'm in the process of starting to cook regularly. He could think he's coming over for sex, but get to my place and have a nice home cooked meal first. Maybe he won't even want sex if he has a full stomach. Then again, if I say yes to him coming over sex is probably on my mind too. 

What do you think? Throw some not-so-common date ideas at me on social media? I've been going out by myself for a while, but I really want that date. 

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