Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#RomanceInTheSummer How Many Kids Is Too Many For Him To Have?

When you're a woman with no children, the expectation is to date a man with no children. At least that has always been my mindset. Even at 28, I prefer a man that is dealing with no baby mama drama. Rita Dove's Second Hand Man couldn't even change my mind after reading it so many years ago. I've always thought of it as his children will be my children. We'll create our own together. However, the older we get the harder it is to escape kid-less men.

That brings me to a huge question when trying to meet the man of my dreams. If a man has children, how many children are too many? See he could have that comfort, attentiveness, and enough money to understand my needs but if he has children I won't know how to vibe with that.

Some men get a thrill from being fathers even if they aren't with the mother(s). There are no limits to the amount of kids they create because they love the sound of the word Daddy. Then some men just love raw sex so much that they don't think about the consequences until they are swimming in tons of court-ordered child support. That might be Basketball player Dwight Howard's problem.

We've been exposed to Dwight Howard's parenting through Royce Reed. She was once a cast member on Basketball Wives, but he put so many limitations on what she could say or do as a mother that there was nothing to talk about when the cameras were rolling. Through that exposure we also found out that Dwight had several other baby mama's. Via The Jasmine Brand, there are currently eight of them. If at least eight women are mothering his kids, the amount of children he has is extreme.

Nothing could be as extreme as the man from Iyanla's Fix My Life last year. He had at least 34 children that he knew of. This put a whole new meaning on the desperation of love. It taught us that even after a man has 10, 20, or even 30 kids, women will still sleep with him in hopes of being that special woman. That sounds crazy, right?

Maybe my mind won't change any time soon but still let me know on social media how many kids is just enough for you to consider dating a man. It may be the circumstance of how the child (or children) was created that makes you give in.

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P.S. I've also thought of it from the other side. What if I have a baby by a man that's not trying to have a family? No Joke! I've considered that if that happens I might take myself out of this crazy dating situation for good.