Monday, June 15, 2015

#RomanceInTheSummer That Special Attraction / #BlackMusicMonth

I let him back in. He had access to my mind and freedom to explore my body. If only for one moment, I just wanted to feel him and him feel me. There was no fighting with my own emotions. I was lonely. I was horny. He had perfect timing.

Now lets get it understood (Oh Yeah)
That I'm a treat her real good (Oh Yeah)
And I'm a love her all my life (Oh Yeah)
And keep her flooded with ice (Oh Yeah)
Now just take my hand (Oh Yeah)
You'se my woman I'm your man (Oh Yeah)
Now you the one that I done chose (Oh Yeah)
And I don't love them other hoes (Oh Yeah)
Now make them niggas understand (Oh Yeah)
You already got a man (Oh Yeah)
You need a player that's strong (Oh Yeah)
And that'll never do you wrong (Oh Yeah)
And if them boys try to touch (Oh Yeah)
You should kick them in the nuts (Oh Yeah)
Cause them tittys just right (Oh Yeah)
Make a player wanna bite (Oh Yeah)
Cause I'm your one and only lover (Oh Yeah)
And we don't have to use a rubber (Oh Yeah)
Now look what we done did (Oh yeah)
Messed around and had some kids (Oh Yeah)
- Mannie Fresh (Oh Yeah, 2002)

In the months since we had last seen each other I'm pretty sure he had forgotten about me. He held onto my number, but I wasn't important enough for him to call. I had removed his number long ago after realizing it wasn't going to work out. Our minds were in two different places. While sex seemed to be the only thing on his only motivation, I was letting my imagination explore the possibilities of an actual relationship.

People still do relationships. They date and then eventually start referring to each other as their girlfriend/boyfriend. Thanks to the internet some couples prefer to say their Bae. A lot of them don't even wait until marriage to start having children together. The love is there, so why not start having children as soon as possible? People get into relationships and aim for that lifetime commitment with each other.

He'd stated before that a relationship and marriage wasn't something he saw in his future. This time I stayed away from asking. I didn't want to know. I didn't want to know about any changes of heart toward having a significant other or of any previous women he'd been with during those months. I just wanted to live in the moment.

And we lived. We searched for pleasure within each other and found it. And afterward I was able to keep my sanity at bay. I knew he would leave and it would be like a dream. There would be no point in waiting for his phone call or expecting him to show up again anytime soon.

However, the attraction he can't quite understand will have him coming back again.

Oh yeah, it's still Black Music Month.