Friday, June 26, 2015

#RomanceInTheSummer 7 Whole Days (Poem)

I used to think Toni Braxton's 7 Whole Days song meant that if he disappeared for a whole week it automatically meant you were single again. However, as I'm getting older and running into more men with commitment phobia, I'm starting to realize maybe there's something deeper. 

When this happens we are single. We are absolutely free to date as many men as we want. However, we have feelings and most of the time we want that man of the moment to be the only man for many moments, if not forever. So from experience, I now know that some men will disappear on you after they've gotten what they initially wanted, but then they'll eventually pop back up again. How do you react to that? Do you push them all back out of your life for good? Do you allow one or two back into your space because of unfinished business? I don't have the answer, but I do have a poem. Keep reading. 

7 Whole Days
7 whole days, not a word from you. 7 whole nights, if you come back around again, you’re just here to fulfill my physical needs.
And I’ll call you a friend, or associate, whatever fits in the moment.
Let’s keep it casual, the way you wanted in the beginning.
See I’m working on suppressing my feelings, trying to not to dream up ideas of what could be, what I know you don’t want.
No, we’re not that beautiful couple that was seen walking down the street holding hands, and we’re not the type to spend all our free time together trying to get to know each other.
Fuck it all, not letting my imagination run wild about wedding ideas and imagining what our beautiful kids could look like.
Forget ideas of growing old together and being an example of what real love looks like.
What’s real love to a man who’s only offering his dick for comfort and what’s real love to a woman who’s only been exposed to males willing to fulfill her sexual desires?
See I’m trying to compromise, give up a fantasy for a reality I’m not so sure about.
I want to feel your touch, let your hands explore my body, let the words you only mean in the moment take control of my mind.

I want to touch you and feel you for as long as you allow, and then when you disappear again I want to accept that too.
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