Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Basketball Wives LA Drama Recap

We all thought the original Basketball Wives, which consisted of Shaunie O'Neal as the ringleader, was messy, but they were friendly compared to the LA (Los Angeles) Basketball Wives. The Basketball Wives of LA cast have been bullies, good at faking friendliness, bullies again, and then repeating the cycle. Here's a recap of the drama leading up to last night's episode.

If you haven't had an introduction of the cast members and their lives, check out The LA Basketball Wives Lives According to Google.

The Beginning Of LA Basketball Wives Until Now

Starting with the first episode there was drama. The ladies were just meeting each other, so they were judging from appearance and what they'd heard. The mess first popped off with Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo. They started arguing, broke out into a fight, Laura ended up bleeding, and then they became confused. Both were mad, but neither knew what they were fighting about. Before the confusion could settle into understanding, each of their sisters were brought into it. Gloria, the messy sister of Laura, was ready to fight the world for her upon hearing the news. After getting Gloria calmed down, the mess between Malaysia and Laura was settled. However, the drama turned to someone else.

Following the tradition of finding random gold diggers for reality shows, Draya Howard was introduced to the cast. Draya admitted on the show that she'd dated many celebrities and many men in general, but we all know her from dating Chris Brown. Reality check, Chris Brown is not even a basketball player. Draya immediately showed off her slim beautiful figure and the rest of the women were ready to protect their husbands, boyfriends, and ex's. They went from hating on her figure to digging up dirt on her. In the midst of it all, Draya was unknowingly attacked by Laura in a ring where they were supposed to be boxing for fun. Then Draya became the center of the gossip on the show. It literally went from "Basketball Wives LA" to "Hate On Draya." The finale of the hate came when the women cornered Draya in a club and harassed her about supposedly mistreating her son. The women weren't even satisfied when poor Draya bust into tears, had snot coming out of her nose, and looked like an innocent five year old. They ripped Draya apart, but that wasn't the end of the drama.

Attacking Draya became old so Jackie Christie, wife of Doug Christie, found someone new to focus her hate on. Someone once said people only tear others down to take the focus off of their own problems. Throughout the show there were clips of Jackie taking care of her sick mom and crying about how ill her mom is. So Jackie was bored of hating on Draya and turned the focus to Laura. That leads to last night's episode.

Jackie successfully talked everyone into focusing their hate on Laura. Even when they went to an event, which was hosted by Laura's sister Gloria, they still managed to be mean and spoke to neither girl. Laura, on the other hand, stuck to her bullying ways, and continued to make mean comments about Draya. In the midst of bullying Laura has also been getting counseling (shown in the beginning of the season) to help with her stressful situation. With the exception of saying something mean about Draya, she didn't have many other appearances on this episode.

I must admit, the drama is becoming overwhelming. It's so overwhelming that it's flowing into real life.

While Laura was being attacked, Gloria seemed to back away from the drama. Usually she's all about defending her sister. However, Gloria and Matt Barnes did appear to be a happy couple for the camera. Since the cameras aren't rolling anymore, they are showing their true colors. It was recently announced that Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan are no longer a couple. Did you see this coming?

Well, this is only a recap. The season isn't over yet, which means there's more drama to come.

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