Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Laura Govan, Stars Can Reach Star Status Quickly

There's a big myth going on throughout my generation. The myth goes something like this. "It takes a long time to achieve success, but success has to happen fast." The quote didn't come from anyone in particular. However, it is the thought of the generation before ours. They expect us to be able to achieve every single thing on our own and take our time, but they want us to be able to do it over night at the same time. However, as crazy as the myth is it is a very possible achievement. Laura Govan, of Basketball Wives La, recently showed us how she achieved star status quickly, but took a while doing it. Below are her fast and slow achievements.

Fast Achievement
Basketball Wives LA started approximately a month ago and now Laura Govan has managed to become a household name. She's showed the world that she's a bossy bitch (by fighting someone who didn't know it was coming), she's a caring and protective mom (by squeezing her five children into a two bedroom apartment and crying on televison after her short break-up from Gilbert Arenas), and by showing that she has a voice of her own. As much hating as Imani and Jacki Christie did on Draya, it seemed as if Laura still had the most to say. More than anything else Laura has proved to be star status quickly because she hooked back up with Gilbert Arenas a month ago and now has an engagement ring.

The Slow Process To Success
This is going to be short. It took Laura 10 years and five kids to get an engagement ring and all five kids are from one man. Let's take a moment of silence for that.

More achievements that stars have are coming soon.

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