Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Thou Art Not Stress

So I  read the latest post on Seth's Blog titled "When Is It Okay To Start Worrying?" and this is what I came up with. Earlier today I woke up and it was quiet in the house. I assumed I was alone. Once I became a little thirsty I decided to walk down to the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen I ran into my mom. We spoke and then she brought up one of my cousin's. This cousin recently had an appearance on the Maury show. He's a motivational speaker, so his job was to give troubled children advice. I didn't watch the show, but my mom said she was looking at the clips he posted online. Upon watching them, she realized just how good he was. She watched, paid attention, and realized he is doing what he is doing because he is talented. He has been blessed with a gift and he is using it. That's good for him, but why would she tell me that?

See, my parents are strange people. They see other's accomplishments and are willing to support them. Well, the probably support them because they see they're successful at it. On the other hand, they treat me as if I know absolutely nothing and am doing absolutely nothing. They probably think I'm doing absolutely nothing because when thrown potential career ideas, I always brush them off. Start selling health products for a little? Whatever. Go into the banking industry? I can't fake it. However, the part of knowing nothing I don't understand. Sure I'm young and I'm learning, but a whole lot of shit has happened in the past almost 25 years that only I could have handled or learned about how to handle. Therefore I'm no dumb broad. However, their words tend to come off that way and I never know what to do about it. Therefore I stress.

Disclaimer: I'm a writer and I'm serious about my shit, so don't laugh at the following:

A girl stresses about a multitude of things.

Growing Up:
I stress about getting older. Getting older means falling into a happy career, finding a perfect husband, having a perfect child, and living a perfect lifestyle. However, since the day that I started actually thinking about this messed up world deeply, nothing has been perfect. So, how do I know that it will one day get perfect? I don't. Stress.

Spending Money:
Before the age of 13 there was a birthday for me almost every year. Nope, lying. It was a party where family remembers came over just to eat and be greedy. After that the celebrating stopped. I did have a 17th birthday party, but it was only because my parents felt bad for not giving me a sweet 16. Who doesn't give their daughter a sweet 16 party? Ever since then I've tried to figure out how to do it big for birthdays, but money was always an issue. So, for the 25th birthday I've tried to look at is an not an issue. So far, there's been $300 spent on a plane ticket, $400 on a camera, and $200 on nice photos to express the turn of  a quarter life. This is all before the actual plane trip and a girl is not ballin. I really don't know if I have the money to make myself feel as special as God says I am, so every time I spend I get excited and check my account at the same time. Stress.

Quality Time:
The only time I can seem to have real quality time is when I'm writing. Odd, right? Well, there was one time where I went to the movies and I was the only person in the theater watching the movie. It was a comedy, so it was amazing. Now, there was a time where I went to the movies recently and it was a bunch of people, too much noise, and I found myself longing for one of those items called a significant other. Stress.

However, according to Seth's Blog you're not supposed to worry. Stress forms when you start worrying. But how do I stopped the worry from happening, so the stress does not eventually form? This is just another issue to reflect on.

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