Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The LA Basketball Wives Lives According To Google

Starting from the very first episode of this season's Basketball Wives there was drama. It wasn't the ordinary "throw water or juice at someone" drama though. This was the real deal punch someone in the face drama. In fact there was more than punching. There was blood. The blood came from the nose of Laura Govan after her and Malaysia Pargo started fighting.

In case you didn't know: The Miami Basketball Wives have taken a small break. As of this moment we have had the pleasure of meeting the Basketball Wives of Las Angeles. These are the real hood chicks and they have a whole lot more experience in basketball drama. They consist of Gloria Govan (girlfriend/baby mama of Matt Barnes), Laura Govan (girlfriend/baby mama of Gilbert Arenas), Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest), Imani Showalter (ex-fiance of Stephen Jackson), Malaysia Pargo (wife of Jannero Pargo), Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie), and Draya Michele (gold digger/ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown). 

While the initial fight was between Laura and Malaysia, the real victim of the season has been Draya Michele. Draya was originally introduced onto the show as a woman who loves dating basketball players, but most of us know her from her short term romance with Chris Brown. However, Chris Brown's name hasn't even been brought up on the show. The women have bullied Draya over being a stripper, dating rich  men, and as of the last two episodes possibly being a bad mother and getting in trouble with the law. They made Draya out to be such a bad person that by the end of the show she was in tears and these women still didn't give a damn. Why? Because they had googled her. So since googling Draya was such a big deal to justify what kind of person she is, I decided to google the rest of the women. Here's what I found. 

Malaysia Pargo
Malaysia Pargo used to be a video vixen. She was in Ludacris video "Splash Waterfalls" and also "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. 

Gloria and Laura Govan 
Between tapings of Basketball Wives Miami shows we found out that Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes had a domestic dispute. Soon after they called off their wedding. They still haven't gotten married and they have two kids. That's shacking up. Laura Govan also loves to shack up with Gilbert Arenas. They have five children together, have been dating for 10 years, and they never got married. The media also accused Laura of cheating on Gilbert with Shaquille O'Neil and ruining his marriage to Shaunie. 

Imani Showalter 
Rumors around the internet are reporting that Imani Showalter neglected one of her kids in an attempt to marry Stephen Jackson. While with Jackson, Imani left the child in the care of the father. But of course on the show we witness her calling Draya worthless. 

Jackie Christie
Before Basketball Wives LA even hit airwaves Jackie Christie's oldest daughter, Ta'Kari Christie was online talked about how neglectful her mother is. According to her daughter's tweets, she kicked her daughter and two grandchildren out of her house knowing they had nowhere to go. That 15th or 16 wedding money could have helped those grand babies out. 

Kimsha Artest
I'm not even going to touch on her since, according to new evidence from Vh1, she couldn't handle the drama and broke her contract with the show by not showing up for any episode filming. 

So, do you think Draya is the one that should be getting bullied on the show? All these women have dirty little secrets in their closets. 

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