Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Art Of Biting

There's this saying that goes "Try anything at least once." That is exactly why I feel I missed an opportunity to try something really interesting a couple years ago. This is what happened.

This guy was continuously trying to convince me to hang with him. At the time I was 22 and he was 27. He wasn't exactly eye candy, but he wasn't ugly either. He was a frat boy too and I had never went out with those kinds. Frat boys have an unwritten reputation. Anyway I finally agreed to chill with him.

It was nothing big. We decided to go walking around the campus. We walked and talked for hours about everything except family. Family came up in a later conversation which also gave me a whole new perspective on him, but that's a story for another time. It was a cool night with a nice breeze, so it was easy to just relax and let go. After a while we decided to sit down in a building on campus. Skipping all the boring details, the conversation got a little sexual but in an odd way.

Maybe it was too soon to actually talk about sex, so he avoided that. It was also too soon to talk about kissing and stuff, because the impression was nice but not that good. However, in his mind it was just right to talk about the art of biting.

Well his words weren't exactly about biting as an art, but he wasn't talking about drawing blood either. Blood is the first thing that always comes to mind when biting is brought up. I blame Mike Tyson and several horror movies for that. Anyway, his biting was about biting as a seduction technique.

Wait, scratch the technique part. He just wanted to bite me. Not as in give me a hickey, but really bite me without drawing blood. It was the oddest and most seductive thing that had ever been said to me. It was as if my whole world froze when he asked me if he could bite me.

The thought of being bitten was odd in so many ways. When Evander Holyfield was bitten by Mike Tyson, the experience looked pretty painful. When people get bitten by dogs and other animals the experience is always painful, traumatizing, and risky because of diseases. It was also odd because it was a huge turn-on. While being bitten can be exaggerated to look like the worse experience in the world, I'm guessing when it comes to sexual ways being bitten or biting is more like getting a hickey. It feels so damn good.

However, I didn't seize the opportunity that night. It was my first time being out with him and I'm lady. However, biting and being bitten in a sexual way is one of those experiences that every sexual intellectual should try at least once.

Let someone bite you and then report back to me on how it felt.

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