Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Star Status Natural Hair Product Talk

As many of you know a month and three days ago I became natural. It was an easier process than I thought it would be. All it took was a hair appointment and a whole bunch of hair being cut off my head. Well, actually it was most of the hair. It was all of the permed hair and it was sort of spur of the moment. I didn't want another perm, braids, cornrows, or a new wig. I was craving new and going natural seems to be the best way to meet up with new-ness. But that's not point of this post. It's all about the products.

India Arie may not be her hair, but many of us are. However, being our hair means finding the best products to make our hair look the best. Below are the products I'm having fun with so far. 

Kinky Curly Products

So far I've fallen in love with Kinky Curly shampoo and Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner. The shampoo just feels excellent and works. The only problem with the leave-in conditioner that I have is it tends to flake once it dries, so in order to avoid the flaking I splash a little more water on it to make the conditioner soak into my head. 

Taliaj Waajid African Healing Oil

Approximately two weeks ago I bought the Taliah Waajid African Healing oil and it smells wonderful. It feels wonderful too. I also bought the shampoo, but haven't used it yet. I'll let you know when that finally happens. 

Curls, Lavish Curls Moisturizer 

Curls, Lavish Curls Moisturizer, is a daily moisturizer that is supposed to keep our natural curls looking radiant. I think it's working. If it isn't working then it sure is keeping my hair smelling good. It smells just like Tangerines or some fruit similar to that. 

Olive Oil Smooth N Hold Pudding

The beautician suggested I buy Taliah Waajid hair pudding, but I already had Olive Oil Smooth N Hold Pudding. She asked me if it's for natural hair, but I don't know. Someone actually told me if all else fails use gel, so this is substituting as my gel. 

Garnier Fructisse Silky Leave-In Conditioner

Garnier Fructis Silky Leave-In Conditioner smells great, but I think my hair is just eating this stuff up. I've started using this less since I use the Curls. 

Star Status Products I Started Using, But Stopped:

Mizani Products

The day my hair was chopped off I found out Mizani has a line of natural products and they're not cheap. That day I bought a cleanser that's supposed to be used between shampoo's and two curl products. The only problem is the curl products continually flaked and using extra water didn't help. The flaking looked worst than dandruff and I couldn't deal. Maybe when my hair grows some I'll try them again. Those products are too expensive to just toss. 

The story many people are telling is natural hair is healthier than perms. I don't know if it's true yet, but natural hair is a lot more fun. By the way, I took the above with my new Sony camera. 

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