Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Mushy Nicknames Still Disgust Me

Honey, baby, boo, boo thang, sweetie, and all those other mushy sickening terms must have been created by the devil. God would not torture us this way. In the fairy tales they never used any of the mushy terms. The prince always said he was looking for his princess or his wife. In the movies the men always referred to the women they were trying to get by their real names. In reality, men throw these terms around quicker than commercials are able to hit the airwaves and us women are supposed to play as if we love the terms. But the terms are horrible, horrible sayings. 

For example every time a new guy messages me on Facebook he starts off nice. He asks me about myself as if he's really interested. Then he starts calling me "Baby." This is a guy I've never met in my life. Why would he feel as if he could use a term that supposed to be affectionate? The craziest thing is a guy recently asked me over twitter to call him "Bambi." Again, he wanted to be called Bambi out of affection. It didn't make sense because I've never met him and have no intention of ever meeting his creepy ass. Any guy that wants you to call him by some mushy name over the internet and has never met you is creepy.

Taking it back a little...

There's this guy from my past who used to and sometimes still does called me sweetie. He originally started calling me sweetie after making no efforts to try to pronounce my name. The first time he used it I told him to stop. It was a nasty mushy term that I wasn't ready to get used to and he wasn't even my man. The nigga was actually talking to several different girls at the time. I wasn't his only, didn't want to be a side, and didn't want to be referred to a sweetie. Actually the fact that he was talking to other girls didn't bother me. The sweetie reference did though, because it just sounded so horrible. It's really hard to describe, so this will help you understand my point of view. Have a random guy called you sweetie, boo, or even baby.

The hugest problem with these words though is they're used for the wrong purposes. When guys say baby, sweetie, boo, cuddle bunny, etc. they are doing it because they think we want to hear those words. They think if they say them then we will be comfortable and happy for the period of time until they dump us. But they're not saying any of the words because they want to say them or because they even feel them which is why I hate the terms.

Maybe one day I will be comfortable with a guy referring to me as his boo, but until that day...don't use those words on me or I will cut you with my eyes.

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