Sunday, October 9, 2011

Star Status Achievements That Should Occur By Age 25

Another Sunday Reflections Post

I'm almost 25, so I've been thinking about what a woman should have accomplished by this special age. Below are the star status achievements that should be accomplished by this special age. 

Our Ideal Man
If you're not in a relationship already by age 25, knowing your ideal type of man is a huge accomplishment. This is mostly because we women are exposed to fairy tale stories from the day we're born. We find out about men with foot fetishes (Cinderella), the good in bad men (Robin Hood and Beauty and The Beast), and how the right man can accidentally bring us back to life (Sleeping Beauty). We are educated on finding perfect men and dealing with every single flaw that a man can have. We're programmed to decide exactly what we want to put up with in relationships, what kind of men we want to have as our children's fathers, and how dependent we want to be to the man of our dreams. We're so educated that many of us should already have our future husbands looks and goals planned out for him by the time we're 18. So by 25 there's no excuse to not know what your ideal man is like. If you do not know this stuff by the age of 25, then you will continue a cycle of falling for any type of man and taking the blame for his insecurities. 

Our Career Goals
By age 25 we should all have career goals planned out. The reason I didn't say have a career is because some careers are easy to break into and others can take years before a person is fully in their perfect position. However, we should all have a career goal picked out by 25. The reason is by high school we get trained to decide what exactly we like and how we can make money. By the beginning of college we're told to pick a major that will more than likely effect the rest of our lives. Once we pick a particular major all of our goals are supposed to align with it. The majority of people graduate college by age 23, so by 25 you should have career goals and be working on them. The bad part of not having career goals by this age is you will probably end of frustrated and working for minimum wage while hopping from family member to family member's house. 

A Whole Bunch Of Mistakes
Mistakes are definitely star status achievements and you should have lots of them by age 25. Some star status mistakes that you should are sleeping with the the wrong types of men, mismanaging money, ending friendships over silly insignificant things, and not taking the right advice because you didn't want help. If you have not made any mistakes by this age, then you live in a perfect world and deserve an award. However, the majority of us have made plenty of mistakes and they are important at this age because you can reflect on them. If you can reflect on your mistakes then you can figure out how to avoid making them in the future. 

When we're one years old we need all the help we get can. When we're five, we want to act independent but still run to family crying when we hurt ourselves. At age 13 we're trying to be as independent as possible, but still find areas to lean on family and friends in times of need. At age 18 we want to make the most out of the huge universe, so we try to prove that we can handle ourselves. So by the age of 25 independence is huge because for the last couple of years we've been trying to prove that we can operate without any help. There are some things that can ruin this important accomplishment. One is unemployment. Unemployment can put a 25 year old back into the home of their parents or other family member and leave them totally dependent on others. Lack of money can do the same. 

A Mind Of Our Own
The hugest accomplishment that you should have by the time you turn 25 is a mind of your own. As mentioned above you should have your ideal type of man picked out. You should know your career goals. Have you noticed that if you don't achieve your goals by a certain time people try to give you new confusing goals to achieve? This is why it is important to know what you want out of life. You should have a huge load of mistakes that you can learn from. You should also have independence. If you achieve independence no one can tell you anything. 
Have I achieved all of these? I'm working on it. Have you? Think about it. 

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