Friday, April 11, 2014

Bittersweet (Poem)

The following is more poetry for National Poetry Month.

"I'm a turn life into a hotel
Check you into your suite
Show you all the finer things
You deserve better baby"

And just like that his verbal promises started
And just like that her mind was open again
She wanted a date
And he promised her two
She had a taste for certain food
And he convinced her that's what he liked too
Even when it came to the movies
He convinced her that he'd be there
Together they'd be in awe at Frankie & Alice
and together they'd laugh at A Haunted House 2
But she knew these were just surface promises
With the next man, she'd push the limit
She explained that their relationship had to be deeper
She explained her self confidence issues
How sometimes she felt like the prettiest girl in the world
And other times she was tortured with a pain too deep
It felt like she would never heal
So he promised he'd do his best too make her feel good
Even though he questioned his own capabilities
He knew he was more like the man society made him out to be
A flake, he didn't really want to take her out on any dates
A deadbeat, no matter what happened he planned to leave
A liar, it all sounded better than the truth
But none of that is what he wanted to be
What about the man that followed through with his promises
And prove they really did have lots in common
He wanted to be the man that would make a good husband
Someone she could be proud to claim as her own
And she knew she'd be doing a lot of ego stroking
If they made it work she'd have to mold him
Help him to be the man she need him to be
While at the same time still molding herself

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