Thursday, April 10, 2014

Money Fantasy (Poem)

"Tell me your thoughts and you better not lie to me
Slangin' that product, and I'm a product of my community
And I'm a product"
What do I have to do to make enough money in this world…Waking up every day and working my ass off…Just for the first of the month to roll around…And it's all given away…Gotta have a roof over my head…A place to sleep after a long day of catering to everyone else…But for me when will it all pay off…Having a little extra for that emergency fund…Having a little stored away for that dream vacation trip…Even more to travel a couple times a year…Being stable enough to skip a few paychecks…Or enough money to make a big move to a brand new atmosphere…Is it all in patience…They say just take it a day at a time…Do as you're told…And eventually wonderful things will unfold…Well I've been waiting…And waiting
"If money ain't the convo, tell me what the Hell you called for
As soon as the block close, it's just me and my vatos"
Getting desperate for more money…Getting desperate to search out new plans…The rappers saying drugs are the answer…Future and his crew got a whole song dedicated to moving that dope…While Rick Ross has created such a huge fantasy we forget selling drugs was never his reality…Looking to the business professionals desperately searching out answers…How'd they become so content with just enough…What did they do to get paychecks equalling six figures and more…But they're only offering vague answers…
"I'm talkin' pesos, nigga leave me the fuck alone
I'm talkin' big chips, nachos"
The comfort of where I am now hugs me…Holds me tight…Promises that if I just be happy with it, it'll keep me warm at night…But the dream of having more is enticing…The idea of having one extra material possession…Or seeing one new place that I've never been…The fact that more money provides a little more than I could ever imagine keeps me scheming…

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