Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's My Body And I'm Ready To Expose It Again

Black shorts because I'm hot like that. 
The past couple days have been beautiful. I think Winter has finally decided to take a break for at least until December. So the sun is shining bright and the last couple days off have been filled with skin-exposing outfits. It is my body and now is the time to start exposing it again.

At one point in my life I couldn't stand to expose any part of myself. Even in 99 degree weather pants were my best friends. I was very insecure. Someone was always reminding me of how skinny I was and how I needed to eat more. I didn't want them to look at me and see only skin and bones. But as you get older, you also getter hotter. Well, it wasn't this hot outside when I was a kid. It felt like 70 degrees all year long, except when it dropped below 70. 

Then there was a point where I could expose either my legs or some cleavage. I was feeling braver, but still insecure. Sometimes our insecurity makes us do things just to see how others will react and the switching up from top to bottom was part of it. Now it gets so hot it feels like I'm in Hell and the only option is to wear as little clothing as possible. 
Put it on a shirt so they know its real.

At least that's the lie I'm telling myself. They say (someone says this) that as a woman gets older her need for sex starts to get stronger. She goes crazy with the rages, or is that just me? Since my mind is going crazy with all these sexual thoughts, it's only right my clothes fit the part. I'm not trying to get the first guy I run into in my bedroom, but I want to look how I feel. So I'm currently exposing as much as possible. I absolutely love my body right now. I love dresses, skirts, crop tops, and short shorts. Even when I've eaten a little too much and my stomach pokes out, that crop top is still cool. I still feel amazing. 

Okay, so I'm still a little insecure at times. Not because of my own internal thoughts, but how others may perceive my look. The internet is only a tiny window into how everyone thinks. Obviously people accept photo-shopped photos over a woman's natural look. This is interpreted as people seeing you and looking for flaws before they spot the beauty. Now if you make a sex tape and people see on you the street after watching it, you're a porn star. I'm just a girl who likes to show off my body while it still looks good. 

Although I've made a new goal. The goal is year after year keep dressing like this. If I happen to make it to Mariah Carey's age and still look this good, just compare me to her. 

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