Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#PreachersDaughters Long Way Home

Long Way Home was the title of this week's episode and I'm assuming it was directed toward Tori Elliot. Although she's the oldest of the daughters being represent on the show Tori has a lot of issues. However, every daughter was highlighted in some way tonight.

Victoria Koloff and Her Daughters:
Although Kolby Koloff is the daughter represented in the Koloff family, every daughter is getting camera time this season. Of all the families, this family is the biggest and they tend be the closest. In this latest episode Victoria went back to educating her daughters on sex education.

It all starts with Victoria (Pastor/sex educator) and Kolby walking in on Kendra and her boyfriend Brandon. Brandon was giving Kendra a massage, but Victoria found a way to twist it into an open door to sex policy. Honestly sometimes "Hello" can lead to sex, but that's another discussion. They weren't taking her seriously, so she decided to teach them a lesson. The lesson was in form a non-stop crying doll and a baby belly. Kendra had the doll and Kolby ended up with the belly. It was both hilarious and painful to watch.

It was hilarious to watch because Kolby had that baby belly on so long that she started to have emotions that come with pregnancy. On the other hand it was painful because those dolls are the most annoying things to have. They also had to go out in public, so that made it very embarrassing.

Taylor Coleman:
In this specific episode there wasn't really a problem with Taylor. Instead she proved that she could handle herself in uncomfortable situations. Taylor has said before that she wants to be an actress and she found a role to try out for. However, from the moment she described the role it was clear that the movie is an erotic film. Some of us know right off and others have to get the experience to realize what it is. Taylor is one of those that has to see for herself instead of hearing warnings. The pastor Ken Coleman doesn't quite understand that.

Upon going to the audition she was doing great. Then the director wanted more from her. The next scene he wanted involved her kissing another girl. Taylor wasn't down for that. She told him it went against her religion and he quickly dismissed her.

During the filming process we also see Pastor Ken Coleman learning what has to happen with his kidney problems. He's being educated on the kidney transplant list, dialysis, and what could happen if he doesn't go through with any process. You can donate to the Ken Coleman Kidney Fund here.

Megan Cassidy:
From the first episode we've seen Megan sneaking out of the house, drinking, smoking, and whatever else she needed to do to escape reality. It all caught up to her once her parents made her take a drug test. They smelled marijuana on her clothing. Along with that her brother, who battled a drug addiction, arrived home from rehab.

Now we're seeing Megan do a 180. She apologizes to her parents for everything she put them through. Megan also admits she's a teenager and temptations are all around. She's trying to be strong.

Tori Elliott:
Tori Elliott is the oldest and has been through the most. At 21 years old two men have proposed to her and then abandoned her before making her a wife. She's also been a police officer, arguably one of the toughest careers, but couldn't handle the pressures that the job came with. Now, as we see on television and her twitter account, Tori just likes to party. She likes to stay in a zone where she doesn't have to face the hardships of reality.

For instance in a previous episode we saw Tori's parents kick her out of their house. They were afraid that her activities would rub off on her younger sister. At the moment they were kicking her out Tori was high. Initially she couldn't process what was going on because she was so drugged up. I'm pretty sure the marijuana was laced with something, because she said she couldn't feel anything.

The problem with Tori is she doesn't see anything wrong with her actions. Everyone around her is complaining though. Like on this latest episode her mother is forcing her to go on a job interview. Tori agreed to it, but then doesn't show up. She didn't want the job. It wasn't her problem, but her mother did make it an issue because adults are supposed to go to work.

Tori's situation is tough, but real life is also tough. We have to do what we have to do to survive, but at the same time we can't let life destroy us.

P.S. Congratulations to Taylor Coleman on the engagement.

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