Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kenya Moore And Her Unfortunate Victimization Game

When we first heard there was a fight that broke out at the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show it was all fun and games.

We couldn't wait to see it. Questions ran through all of our minds. What happened? What did Kenya Moore say to push Porsha Williams over the edge? However since Kenya has managed to press charges against Porsha, all the excitement has gone downhill.

Well, then again there was some excitement when the mugshot was released. Ms. Williams took the most glamorous mugshot anyone has ever seen. Her black shirt blended perfectly with the background. Her makeup was on point. She didn't look upset at all. It was refreshing to look at, but then that actual fight aired.

If you watched it, then you can agree with me on this. The show was boring before Kenya finally got dragged by the hair. In fact it was probably boring because it was all about her. They talked about her dog dying, her pretend African boyfriend that no one believe is real, and they all argued with her. It was the mothafuckin victimization of Kenya. She was all of a sudden the good one on the stage surrounded by a bunch of vultures. I was annoyed, except for when NeNe told that funny story of meeting Kenya's supposed man.

Then the victimization drama became worse. Kenya accused Porsha of cheating and Porsha stood up. Kenya still had that damn blow horn in her hand. Porsha then accidentally exposed Cynthia's breast trying to get her to move and snatched Kenya by the hair. She dragged her until they were both on the floor.

Afterwards everyone came to Porsha's rescue. She was freaking out about her own actions. That's how you know someone has a genuine heart. Andy Cohen, on the other hand, was trying to play the middle man. A smile was huge on his face up until that fight. He was eating all the drama and props up. Then his emotions changed. He became the spokesperson for Bravo network. He talked to both women, but ended up dismissing Porsha from the show. It was horrible to see.

I absolutely hate how all this went down. They were so desperate for nice-nastiness and now it's lead up to cast members pressing charges against each other. I also had the fact that as mean as Kenya is, in this situation she gets to play the victim role up until the next season airs and she's rightfully doing it. She got dragged by her hair. This is a lesson that evil does prosper in a good way sometimes.

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