Friday, April 18, 2014

Give 'Em Up (Poem)

I spelled them wrong on purpose. That needed to be said before anything else.

There's a theme to my poetry this moment. It's all supposed to be an ode to Hip Hop, but not just any Hip Hop. I'm honoring the current music. You know how they say Hip Hop is dead? Well, the poems I'm writing from the lyrics in our everyday music is supposed to prove that its still very much alive and inspiring others. Now the following poem is inspired by Spenzo's "Wife Er."

"I can never wife her,
Only one night her
Women full of lies"
So I contemplate if it's worth it
Never having real special moments
No dates in the park
And no fancy restaurants
Our friends won't officially meet
And no introductions to parents either
It'll be something like a secret
Rendezvous in the middle of the night
Cause sex is the only thing on his mind
So I contemplate if I can give 'em up
Next to sleep, feelings are hard to fight
But in order to do it
I'd have to put 'em to the side
But do I want to
Sex without love is just a distant memory
Almost surreal
You're supposed to appreciate the intimacy
But at the same time remember it's not real
And I don't trust him
Just as much as he hates me
I can tell he's a man full of lies
P.S. I'm mad he took the H off of her and named the song "Wife Er."

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