Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Hour Phone Call With The Other Woman

Men cheat. It's been proven time and time again. They are also very sloppy when doing it. For instance, for no particular reason other than boredom I've been watching Black Ink Crew. If you watch it, then you're acquainted with the dysfunctional relationships. No one on the show has a relationship with regular problems; especially Dutchess and Caesar.

Caesar is the owner of the shop and Dutchess is always in competition for craziest girlfriend of the year. During the first season she did her best to reck every friendship/employee relationship he had. What we didn't see on camera was her heart issues and her miscarriage. So maybe Dutchess wasn't as bad as television portrayed her, but Caesar fucked up. He fucked up in the biggest way possible. The nigga cheated.

Caesar didn't just cheat. He was laid up with another woman when she called to confront the other woman. According to Dutchess, the other woman handed over the phone to him to prove what was going on. Then they had a five hour conversation. No, let me correct that. THEY HAD A DAMN FIVE HOUR CONVERSATION.

During the conversation the women exchanged many words. The other woman went on to say Caesar had told her they were eventually getting married. However, none of that shit matters. They stayed on the phone for five damn hours. Who talks to the woman that her man is cheating on her with that long.

How long would you have spoken to her?

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