Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Video) Lil Boosie~ Show The World Ft.Webbie

"I'ma be on T.V. mama." Lil Boosie is back and his new song is boosting my adrenaline. Not only did Boosie come back strong, but he also pulled Webbie from whatever cave he was chilling in.

This is not one of those songs promoting big asses, yellow bones, or lots of money. It's really all about overcoming struggles and what success looks like to these two men. I pulled out some of my favorite quotes. Now watch the vieo and become inspired.

"I you don't like Bad Ass, then that's yo' problem."

"Dang hoes, that's a figure of speech. Get a lot of shit like that when you listen to me."

"Father forgive me, I was raised on some real shit." 

"Sometimes I cry and when I cry, man, I don't know why."

"Ain't nothing like a strong mind and some confidence." 

"I ain't never had shit so I'm flashing." 

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