Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(Pictures) Khia #Married2TheMusic Photo Shoot + More

In a career field where perfection is everything, there is at least one woman that we can count on to keep herself real.

If you guessed all the hood folks everyone's favorite female rapper Khia, you're right. Recently Khia celebrated 13 years in the rap game. Along with celebrating her longevity in her career field, Khia also dished out a whole lot more to us all at once.

For instance the Thug Misses is now an author, has an album Love Locs coming out July 4, 2014, and recently released a ton of promotional pictures. Not only has she managed to survive in a career where men prosper the most, but she is her own public relations team. Check out the pictures and Khia's first book below.

Ignoring The Signs by Khia Shamone

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