Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snatch The Cat Back (Poem)

In honor of National Poetry Month I've managed to write something for you two days in a row. The following poem is inspired by the Thug Misses, Khia.

"You make a Bitch wanna
Snatch the cat back"
For all the forgotten promises
I never received any flowers
And never got that $200 date
You said I should be your lady
So I gave you chances to prove yourself
But you failed time and time again
Didn't remember when we were supposed to hang out
Even though you planned the occasion
A quiet dinner at Pappadeaux
Would have been just the two of us
Instead I heard you were hanging with the boys
At some strip club making it rain on a bunch of heauxs
And never mind about the other dates
You know the ones that didn't happen
But you were quick to beg for sex
You make a Bitch wanna snatch the cat back
For the whack ass sessions you put me through
Always finishing first
Never lasting past five minutes
Then you'd roll over and fall fast asleep
and I realize I'm too good for that
You make a Bitch wanna snatch the cat back
Cause you a lookin-ass nigga
Want way too much from me
Trying to borrow money
Tired of living with your mama
So you wanna move in with me
You're way too dependent
You make a Bitch wanna snatch the cat back
Because in every area that you lack
There's a man that'll pick up the slack

Every song is essentially a poem. The following is my favorite part of Khia's Snatch The Cat Back.
I wish I never let you get this pussy
Let you stick this pussy
Let you drill this pussy
I wish I never wraped ma lips around ya
Wraped ma hips on top spinded around n drop
Bounce bounce on your dick suck your lolly pop
Jack jack on it faster till you beg me to stop
Just start it over from the top is this good enuff
Nigga dont stop lip and sip and eat it up
And you can beat it up
Cause I like you strong
A big fat long dick to fuck me all nite long
Pussy drippin tight n wet
Keep it commin back to back
Na nigga how you gonna act wen I snatch the cat back

She's so raunchy.

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