Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Awkward by Eric Bellinger And the Choose Up Season Mixtape

Choose Up, that extra special time of year for the lonely single people is coming around again. 

People around the world needing affection are readily preparing to meet someone they are sexually attracted to, make them a significant other, and put a timeline on that relationship. While many people refer to this time of the year as Cuffing Season, in recent times people have created different phases for it. The first part, which tends to happen before the temperature starts heavily dropping, is the choose up. This means single people start reviewing their options for who they can spend the next couple of months pretending to date. 

In fact, Choose Up Season is the name of Eric Bellinger's upcoming mixtape tape. The mixtape tape will have nine songs that are written to tell a full story about the single life and will be available October 1st. In order to prepare us for the mixtape, we've been given the first official single called Awkward

Awkward is appropriately about the ex that doesn't seem to get the message. How many of you are getting that "hey stranger" text right now? How many of your exes know your family? Listen to Awkward below and watch the trailer for Choose Up Season

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